All initiatives rotate on an eight week schedule.
Georgia's youth are affected by a substance abuse problem
Georgia's youth are affected by the absence of financial education in schools
Georgia's youth are affected by the graduation problem
Georgia's youth are affected by the unemployment problem


Future Illuminators

Our College-Prep initiative is designed to change the current narrative about youth who are first-generation college aspirants from low-economic communities. We are addressing disparities in college preparation programs and admission process for at-risk, low-income, and first-generation youth. We provide the tools necessary to ensure a successful college admission experience.


Financial Literacy

Wealth Magnet

Our Financial Literacy initiative provides instructions that are practical and relevant in learning how to build wealth rather than preventing poverty. We ensure that our participants have solid wealth building strategies, (budgeting, saving, debt management, investing and entrepreneurship) setting them on the path to financial freedom and success.


Future Builders

Future Builders - Our Career Pathway/ Entrepreneurial initiative is designed to expose youth to various career options and entrepreneurial opportunities. Our program includes mentoring sessions, work-based learning sessions, and internship opportunities. The efforts aim at developing individuals who are competitive, critical thinkers, and skilled problem solvers for the 21st Century and beyond.



Our initiative provides factual and relevant truths about drugs and their harmful effects. The goal is to equip young people with information to help them make informed decisions that lead to drug-free lifestyles and advocate for drug-free living in their communities.