Nourishing Hands Inc. is a 501c (3) organization that opened its doors in 2019 to remedy some of the problems that exist between youth and young adults in our society. The organization serves youth ages 14-24 in Georgia by providing life and professional skills mentoring through a holistic approach. We partner with families and our communities, to deliver relevant, practical, but absent resources to our participants and the community. Our program emphasizes four initiatives: education, employment, financial enrichment, and wellness. Services are delivered through large and small (career-specific topic) group sessions. 

Our four initiatives are guided by eight-week curriculums strategically designed to expose youth to topics and opportunities they otherwise aren't privy to at school or home. Small groups are developed based on career aspirations, allowing participants to meet with mentors who are experienced and practicing experts in their respective fields. These sessions provide a space for more intimate partnerships and relationship-building between the mentors and their small group members while addressing specific questions and building professional networks.

Our Value Proposition

Nourishing Hands secures a viable and equitable future for all, our services meet the needs for positive role models and mentors between the school districts, juvenile justice systems, business entities, and our youth. We develop productive citizens and leaders by educating, modeling, and mentoring. This enhances public safety and reduces the burden on taxpayers. 

Our supportive team also provides the necessary guidance and accountability partnership required for guiding youth as they navigate the path to adulthood. We are committed to our vision, and that commitment drives our holistic and non-traditional curricular approach and interaction with our participants.

In a recent publication of The Chronicles of Evidence-Based- Mentoring, Harvard professor Dr. Jean E. Rhodes, article, Older and Wiser: New Ideas for Youth Mentoring in the 21st Century, writes that most mentoring programs do not focus on young people. Organizations typically prioritize building emotional bonds between mentors and mentees; however, research supports effective programs that emphasize specific social, emotional, and intellectual skills. Our approach is innovative because we deliver practical programming that is proven to be impactful, and relevant programming. This ultimately redirects the negative trajectory of our future leaders.

About us

Nourishing Hands Inc is an organization serving youth ages 14-24 from monitories and low income community in Georgia.

Our Approach

NHI services are vital to the development of productive citizens and leaders. Our holistic approach ensures that participants receive real-time and practical resources to assist in their transitions to adulthood. Our program also provides redirection for those who behaviors may threaten themselves and society.