Cynthia Logan, M.Ed

Executive Director
Cynthia Logan, M.Ed

I am a mother, educator, mentor, and best-selling author with a long history of serving others. After
surviving a brutal civil war in Liberia, I began my teenage life in the US. Being traumatized by the
experiences from the war, I endured the agony of being severely poor and teased by peers in high

I became physically aggressive, which led to bad grades and dropping out of high school. I struggled to
figure out this thing called "life" as I desperately wished for a big sister (mentor). Although I did not get a
formal mentor, my British Literature teacher became my voice of reasoning and hope.

Not long after high school, I married and had my daughter (my life's transformation began). Looking at the
most perfect and innocent being, I vowed to do whatever it took to become a better person for my child
and every child I encountered. Fifteen years later, I earned a bachelor's degree in education and began
teaching in low-income sectors of many school districts across metro Atlanta. I knew kids like me still
existed, and I wanted to be a difference-maker for them. Nourishing Hands Inc is the vehicle through
which I continue to make a difference every day.

About us

Nourishing Hands Inc is an organization serving youth ages 14-24 from monitories and low income community in Georgia.

Our Approach

NHI services are vital to the development of productive citizens and leaders. Our holistic approach ensures that participants receive real-time and practical resources to assist in their transitions to adulthood. Our program also provides redirection for those who behaviors may threaten themselves and society.