Participant Highlights

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Quarter One

My name is Deanna Johnson and I am currently a senior at Dutchtown High School. Although I am unsure of what college I will be attending in the fall, I have been accepted to Spelman College, Howard University, North Carolina A&T, Georgia State University, Oglethorpe University, Agnes Scott College, Mercer University, Kennesaw State University, and counting. While in college I aspire to travel while pursuing a degree in Biology to become a Pediatric Pharmacist. Post-graduation, I plan to travel around to help provide support for people who are in need of medication.
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Quarter Two

My name is Alexis Albert Akpan, and I am 16 years old. Currently a rising senior in Peachtree Ridge High School. I've maintained an A/B honor roll and dual enrollment. Volunteering with the theatre department is how I give back to my school community. I am a participant in the Nourishing Hands Youth Mentoring Program. My participation with NHI has been empowering in many ways. The recent highlight of my experience with NHI is my internship placement with Brandoff LLC, where I am gaining some real-life accounting skills.


Thank you so much for keeping me in the loop. I have to keep pushing my daughter because she does not know how to balance work and social life. She is very capable but definitely needs that extra push until she learns the balance she need to be successful. I will always be there to support her and I really appreciate the support you and Dr. Blades are giving her. It takes a village and I’m so glad you and Dr. Blades are a part of our village. My daughter will definitely succeed, especially with Nourishing Hands providing the blueprint this early in her life. I truly appreciate you and I do believe that you were sent from God to help guide my daughter into her purpose in life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

During the financial literacy sessions, I learned about important financial tips that I can use in my future. I learned about various ways to start a business, I learned about credit scores and how they can affect what we can purchase and assets in our lives. And I believe that learning these financial concepts are essential to know if you want to be successful in the future. A lot of schools don’t teach on financial literacy so I’m glad that through Nourishing Hands Inc, I got a chance to get ahead and plan for my future.

Hello, my name is Brandy, I am in the 11th grade and I participate in Nourishing Hands mentoring program. This program has been very good for me. The mentors help me learn more about researching the best college for me, how to show up speaking and dress for an interviews, and one of my favorites lessons was how to be a millionaire by 45 if I use a saving strategy starting at 18.

The college fair was a very enriching experience for me. It was very informative with the different schools that were provided. Students who attended the school answered questions, which were very helpful. They even shared their experiences and gave advice that will be beyond helpful when I attend school in the fall. Everyone that was a part of the college fair was a great help in informing me to help me out in the future.

Today in the session, I learned a lot about interviews and résumés. I learned about how I should present myself on my resume, like being honest, showing my values, being creative and more. And this was helpful because I’ve never really gotten tips on how to go about making a résumé. But I also learned the Do’s and Don’ts for an interview. Do’s like being available, answering questions completely, dressing according to business, making eye contact, sitting with confidence and more. And the Don’ts like being late, giving one word answers, dressing inappropriately, slouching etc. But overall, I learned that it is important to be prepared, relaxed, and to be yourself.

My experience during the youth career fair was very informative. The guest speaker was highly inspiring. Although I won’t be pursuing a career in the STEM or energy industries, I learned so much about preserving and creating strategies to help you go through life. One panelist was a real estate agent and an interior designer (my future career path.) I was excited to learn that both skills work perfectly in helping others and creating a sustainable life for yourself.