Our Story

Before age ten I visited my homeland of Liberia. Little did I know that the experience would have changed the trajectory for my life forever. While on this visit to Liberia, the nation’s infamous civil war erupted. My family and I were displaced. We walked through the most horrific experiences (hungry, sick, dodging bullets and missiles, and walking along side dead bodies), and many occasions members of my family were tortured and almost killed. We endured these experiences for over a year until we made it to a neighboring country and were placed in the refugee camp in order to receive food and basic care. 

Upon my arrival to the United States, my transition was extremely difficult. My family settled in South Dekalb where we had to rely on organizations, churches, and thrift stores to barely meet our needs. Being the oldest child, I had to assume most of the responsibility for my younger siblings while our parents worked extended shifts. I grew very disgruntled and eventually dropped out of high school. After a while I made it back to complete high school. Today I’ve earned a master’s degree, several post graduate certifications, and I am an aspiring PhD candidate. My personal and professional (SpecialGeneral Education Teacher who spend my tenure working in the intercity and economically depressed pockets locally and internationally) journey have led me to discovering my purpose. Which is to relentlessly advocate and become a passionate voice for immigrant and underrepresented youth.

Founder and CEO,

Cynthia B. Logan

Our Mission

To Ensure the necessary nutrients, resources, and opportunities required to cultivate the whole person cognitively, physically, and socially are available to immigrant and underrepresented families, regardless of socio-economic status.

Our Vision

We are committed to ending nutritious food insecurities, educational resource scarcity, the absence of financial literacy, limited employment opportunities, and implementing youth development programs for children and their families living in impoverished, underrepresented, and immigrant communities. The programs and partnerships we provide ensure that every child is healthy, happy, and optimistic about their lives.